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Maintenance Program

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Miller Lawn Services annual maintenance program is an a la carte style contract so you can pick and choose your individual level of service . By enrolling in our yearly maintenance program, you reserve your spot for the individual services you have selected. This will help remove the burden and stress of maintaining a yard yet provide you with all the benefits of having a well-manicured yard. The yearly maintenance program gives time back to our customers so they can devote time towards what is important to them.

There is no more keeping up with the neighbors. With the weekly program, you can be the envy of the neighborhood. Or you can just enjoy the fact the outdoor chores are already done and enjoy your yard. Whatever your desire we would love to help with the care and maintenance of your yard. There is nothing that our team enjoys more than to hear how our services have improved and changed our customers quality of life.

Yearly Maintenance Program

This program removes the hastle of weekly and bi-weekly lawn care. We take care of the details so you can enjoy the yard. Our yearly program can include many of the features below ranging from complete yard care all the way down to just mowing services. It is fully customizable and designed to fit each individuals needs.

Weekly Mowing Service

Includes schedule weekly or bi-weekly mowing. Trimming of all edge work and removal of grass clippings.

Add-on Bed Maintenance

With the addition of bed maintenance we will trim all shrubs and remove debris.

Add-On Spring and Fall Clean Ups

We will start and end the year for you. Cleaning away all debris and leaves that have gathered in the yard. Provide a fresh edge around all beds.

Add-OnFertilization Program

Running with your yearly maintanenece program we will develop a proper fertilization program that will help create a healthy, lush, green lawn

Add-On Mulch

With our mulch add-on we remove the back breaking work of mulching your yard. We will apply a healthy layer of mulch to your beds, providing a polished look that ties everything together.