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Fertilization Program

Why fertilize your lawn? Turf grasses are very hungry during the growing season. Fertilization programs can help promote thick dense grass that not only looks and feels great, but also resists disease and weed invasions.  We have teamed up with Ultra Lawn to offer our customers the best fertilization in Northeast Ohio since 1976. We will handle all customer service and include your fertilization charges on your monthly billing statement.

Deluxe Program (7 Applications)

  • This program provides the optimum results and delivers specific fertilizers to meet the needs of your lawn.
  • We will closely monitor your lawn to prevent or correct any problems, so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn.
  • Includes crabgrass prevention, custom-tailored fertilizers, lime, weed and surface insect control and winterizer

Standard Program (6 Applications)

  • You can expect very nice results with this program because we will monitor your lawn’s needs from spring thru late fall.
  • Includes Crabgrass prevention, balanced natural fertilizers, weed and surface insect control (as needed) and winterizer.

Economy Program (5 Applications or Less)

  • A partial program can be tailored for budget purposes. Anything less than 5 visits however, will require you to significantly adjust your expectations, as greater incidence of weed, insect and crabgrass problems will be evident with fewer treatments.

Additional Services

  • Grub Control (this treatment is strongly recommended for all Northeast Ohio lawns)
    • Grub Control costs (1.5 times the application price)

Benefits of Fertilizer Services

Yearly and Select application programs available

Healthy Grass

A routine fertilizer program ensures your grass does not go for extended periods of time without getting feed

Disease and Fungus mitigation

When your yard suffers from fungus or disease knowing the proper application of fertilizer is key to achieve a beautiful lawn.

Worry Free

We take care of the scheduling you just sit back and enjoy a great looking lawn.